Books, recycling contaminant

Books; recycling contaminant

Books can change your life

I have always loved books. My mom had to drive out of our little town to buy me cases of used books.  Later I moved to Montreal. Oh dear Montreal with amazing second hand book stores, many libraries and a GIANT library. I was in heaven.

I got a job at l’Echange on Mont-Royal street. L’Echange was and still is a great used books and CD’s store. Famous singers, actors and writers were customers but my favorite regulars were the passionate ones.They were sharing their highlights, their new treasures and they influenced my life. My roommates were librarians, all the walls were covered with books. I remember the lovely smell and my dad’s face every July 1st (Quebec’s unofficial national moving day). The good old days!

Books not recyclable? Indeed!

Can we recycle books? Well…. if you remove the cover and spine from the pages inside of each book, only then you can place them with other papers in your recycling. Unfortunately, the cover and the spine have to go in the garbage. Books are, in fact, one of the top five contaminants of recycling programs in BC.  

It doesn’t take long to fill your bookshelves. It is usually a good place to start the decluttering process. But wait! What to do with them? Time to figure out where to donate, consign and sell!

Trash to Treasure Days

The Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) hosts two T2T days! Your unwanted books & household items (gently used and in good working order) can be a treasure for someone else. Create a T2T sign or print a free one from RCDK website.

The next Trash to Treasure events will be Saturday, April 27,2019 in conjunction with Earth Day and Saturday, October 26, 2019 in conjunction with Waste Reduction Week in Canada. In case of rain, please cover the books.

Thrift Stores

Yes, it is great to share books in order to give them a second chance to be read but know that not all books are wanted. In fact, all the store managers I interviewed said they were receiving many bad donations resulting in books ending up in their garbage. They also wish that book donations be made in smaller, more manageable quantities.

Donation No, nos :

  • Text books,
  • Dictionaries,
  • Books with writing inside
  • Cook books (unless it is a Whitewater one!)
  • Older books
  • Encyclopedias

Salvation Army: 601 Vernon St, (250) 352-3488

  • One little box at the time as the space is really limited

Share Nelson: 520 Falls St, (250) 352-1222

  • One box at the time.

Positive Apparel: 721 Front St, (250) 505-5444

–    Best to phone first, space depending

Toy Library, Childcare Resource and Referral (CCRR): 804 Stanley St, (250) 352-0407

–    Call first. Gently used kids books only. Multi Language accepted. Small donations only.

Books Everywhere, Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy (250) 352-3218

Very neat thing in Nelson;  a lovely project since 2012. You can borrow a book from one of their boxes, you can read it at the location or you can take it, borrow it, pass it to a friend and return it to any one of their boxes.

Where to find those boxes?

Oso Negro, Kootenay Bakery, Cowan, Family Place, Kootenay Coop Radio, Community Complex, Learning Place, Nelson Community Services, Nelson Family Eyecare, Nelson Family Practice Center, Plaza Laundromat, Touchstone Museum, Alpine Lake Suites, Child Care Resource and referral (CCRR) and Railtown Coffee House .

You can donate books to the boxes. They need your book donations as the books are mostly going out. You can also volunteer for Books Everywhere. Contact Melodie Rae Storey: (250) 505-5683.

Nelson Library: 602 Stanley St, (250) 352-6333

–    Accepts donations of books five years old or newer, recognizable classics and books of high interest. Book donations are accepted at the front desk. Check out their free books section in the entrance but don’t leave your donations there.

West Kootenay Francophone Association (AFKO): 807 Baker St, (250) 352-3516

–    Accepts recent French books for adults and for kids.

–    Call first

–    Check out their little free library outside

Play it Again Kids: 441 Baker St, (250) 505-5300

–    Consignment only: once an item sells they pay 40% of the net price. Looking for books in great shape, with very little wear, and free from scribbles, rips and missing pages.

Packrat Annie’s: 411 Kootenay St, (250) 354-4722

–    They will give you money or credit in store.

The Booksmyth: 338 Baker St, (250) 352-1225

–    They take books on consignment or credit in store. Every book they buy has to look good.If it doesn’t …It Better Be Good.

Facebook groups to sell, or donate

  • Nelson Buy and Sell
  • Nelson BC Parents Buy and Sell

Enjoy the feeling of giving back.

Keep the habit of letting your books go and have a chance to be read over and over.

Carefully select before donating.

Cover them from the rain.

Keep them out of the recycling or recycle them correctly!

Did I skip any other place? Other good ideas? Please share them in the comments.

Sorry, I need to go. I haven’t finish reading my latest book ; )

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