Inspiring Jérôme Q&A session

Jerome Studer

Q: What did inspire you to reduce your waste?
A: Seeing my amount of garbage and videos on the web about plastic in the ocean.
Q: What do you do to reduce your waste?
A: I figured I should reduce the amount of garbage related to my food. Food produces a lot of garbage. I shop in bulk with my containers. I buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and bread without plastic wraps or bags. I make my deodorant.
Q: Are there enough bulk options for you in Nelson?
A: Yes, actually, in Nelson it’s pretty good and easy to find for food shopping but also personal care products. Some of the products don’t stay crispy so they are not offered in bulk like crackers and chips. I tried to make my own.
Q: What is your DIY deodorant recipe?
A: Baking soda, aloe vera gel, essential oil like lemon and tee tree. The result is better than the “official ones”!
Q: What is your challenge?
A: To reduce my waste with my sport equipment. I do a lot of outdoor sports. It’s my big challenge. I need gears like Goretex. Hardshells are not recyclable. I tried to buy durable equipment. For my first layer, I use wool and merino.
Q: What would you say to encourage someone to start to buy in bulk?
A: It’s usually cheaper when you buy the quantity you need. Pretty easy to do in Nelson, we are lucky! When I go grocery shopping I carry my bags and containers according to what I need.
Q: What is your next step?
A: Buying my meat in bulk for less garbage. I see a lot of nut milk containers in my recycling, I want to start making my own.
Q: Thank you, Jerome! All the best with your less waste journey.

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