Zero Waste: An Inspiring Journey

How it all started

If you ask my family and friends back East to describe me when I was younger in one word, they would say green, Lyne the green girl. 

In 1995, I studied ecological waste management. I worked for a Montreal Ecosociety and my job was to help businesses on Mont-Royal street reduce their waste. I was mostly introducing recycling as it was a new concept for everyone. If you ask my family and friend at that time they would say: green with a grunt, as they were resisting recycling.

Many years later, I saw a video of a mother holding a glass jar, claiming this was the family garbage for one year. Uh…I was completely puzzled. How could this even BE possible? The woman didn’t inspire me that day but a zero waste seed stayed in me. It was now me, the green girl, resisting a new concept.

Later, I saw many disturbing videos about tons of plastic floating in the ocean, animals dying, filled with or caught up in plastic, beaches covered in plastic. I cried. I felt how big the problem was. I HAD to have less plastic in my family life. I decided to start the zero waste journey along with creating this blog. This is where the fun began!


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Inspiring Nelson family Q&A with Claudia and Steve

Q: What did inspire you to go on the zero waste journey?
A: Bea Johnson – Zero Waste Home, Bob Greenfield – Adventurer, Environmental Activist, ecological footprint and future generations, eating better and healthier and saving money.

Q: What do you do to reduce your waste?
A: We try as much as possible to consume only what we really need. Buying bulk. Making our own food like bread, granola, goodies, and salad dressing. We buy second hand and we try to reuse to limits the packaging. We buy local. We do fewer trips to the transfer station which reduce the carbon footprint. We make home-brewed beer and wine (Art of brewing) to reduce glass usage. We compost and garden. We do canning and fruit picking. We
plan a weekly menu.

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Inspiring Jérôme Q&A session

Q: What did inspire you to reduce your waste?
A: Seeing my amount of garbage and videos on the web about plastic in the ocean.
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Zero Waste talk in Nelson

Come and get inspire to the Green Home and Energy Show, Oct. 2 at the Prestige.

Nelson Hydro’s EcoSave Program and the West Kootenay EcoSociety present the 7th annual trade show event.

The theme of this year’s show is zero waste, Slimmer Waste will be there hoping to inspire many to transition to a less garbage journey.

Full schedule

Refuse and Inspire – Me? Yes, YOU!

If we talk about reducing our waste, we need to tackle how to grow into a refuser.

Isn’t it the hardest thing to do?
It seems like it but I hope to convince you that it is actually easier than you think.

Refusers are just like you and me.

Refuse is THE most important R from the 5-R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot). Why? To prevent garbage and unnecessary items from coming into your home rather than just reduce accumulated waste and recycling. It is called PRECYCLE, a much more uplifting word than refuse. Isn’t it?

Growing into a PRECYCLER is capital.

It really needs courage to take action according to your values. I know! With this post, I will try to inspire you to refuse more and get better at saying NO in your own way. No need to become a militant or an angry friend that reminds others how bad they are for the planet. The best precyclers inspire others and start a domino effect without even knowing it.

OK but refuse what?

Good question! Are you disturbed by all the plastic waste? Learn how to refuse single-use plastic. Do you want to buy less? Learn how to refuse to buy new when possible and/or refuse to follow a trend. Are you sad at all the plastic trash when going to a party or an event? Refuse to continue a tradition that is no longer matching your values and get creative. Take action on what calls you the most.

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