Lyne and Fleur in beautiful Nelson


Hi! I’m Lyne: a part-time blogger. I moved to Nelson more than a decade ago from the other side of Canada. I live in Nelson with my partner and daughter in a cohousing village. I love music, dance, children’s books, and a good laugh.

Why this blog?

Many of us feel how urgent it is to take action regarding climate change. We heard about it long ago and thought OK… this doesn’t look good, I should do something. Things are getting more intense close to home: wildfires, warmer weather, floods (to name a few). All of this makes me think even more about taking action, especially for my daughter.


I felt compelled to create a blog to share the ways we, in the Nelson area, can reduce our waste. We are blessed with so many services, resources, and businesses that can help meet this goal. I want to highlight these “waste-slimming” local resources and ideas; where to donate, to repair, to recycle, to consign, to refill, to shop, etc.

We all have different lifestyles, backgrounds, preferences, and limits. That’s OK! I hope this site keeps you curious about the possibilities. You don’t have to be a zero-waste minded person to shop better, throw less away, and be stronger about saying no to single-use items and plastic.

Slimmer Waste is also a place for you to share your favorite tips.

Together, let’s make Slimmer Waste a positive & inspiring platform for action!

Be bold in your actions! NOW is the time!