Photo os the Slimmer Waste Team


I’m a part-time blogger. I moved to Nelson more than a decade ago from the other side of Canada. I live in Nelson with my partner and daughter in the beautiful Heddlestone Village, a fairly new cohousing project. I love music, dance, children’s books, and a good laugh.

I felt compelled to create a blog to share the ways we in the Nelson area can reduce our waste. We are blessed with so many services, resources, and businesses that can help meet this goal. I want to highlight these “waste-slimming” local resources and ideas.


I am a journalist with a professional background in marketing and communications. In addition to an enthusiasm for words and ideas, my passions lay with music and sustainable living.

I see reporting on waste management in Nelson as a positive contribution to my community and an enriching learning experience for my young family and myself. I look for positive actions to improve our habits of consumption. Pressuring industries to reduce packaging is my mission.


Taking responsibility for the environment is one of my core values. And this core value drives my lifestyle, my work, my home, and my consumer habits. I strive to do the best I can to live a life that consumes less, requires less money, and where I can be of service to others

I’ve spent decades working as a content editor and producer – everything from photography to video to podcasting to broadcasting to blogging to social media and so much more.

I’m keen to use my values and diverse marketing and communications skillset to help Slimmer Waste to educate others and spread the word about zero-waste.


Passionate for healthy and sustainably harvested food coupled with a desire for personal and systemic changes. Fascinated by agriculture, food production, and food waste. I share my experiences in attempting to consume as consciously as possible while leading a busy life.

Interested in low waste backcountry adventuring. If everything could be wrapped in Canadian grown banana leaves, I’d have much less to write and worry about- until it explodes in my backpack.


Photo credit: Masa Suzuki Photography / Videography, Nelson BC